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From Gavin Hammar, Founder of Sendible – a market-leading social media management platform.

I’m Gavin. In 2008, I bought a second-hand server for £10, plugged it into my home router, and launched a website called

Today, Sendible has grown to 7 figures in recurring revenue, with more than 5000 paying customers and almost 50 employees.

I’ll be using this newsletter to share the business secrets I’ve learned over 13 years as the founder of a 100% bootstrapped SaaS company.

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I won’t be writing essays or long-form articles on this list. The newsletter will be mostly short reflections based on whatever’s on my mind right now. Think of it like my LinkedIn feed but with a lot more context.

Newsletters will go out no more than once a week, and probably less often than that depending on what’s going on. There’s no schedule.

In each email, I’ll be sharing an anecdote, a mental model, or a tactic that’s easy for you to adopt, and can provide a high degree of leverage.

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